Aston Inaugural - Professor Nick Lee

Aston Inaugurals

The Aston Inaugurals will showcase and celebrate the research of four of the University’s newly appointed professors on a diverse range of topics throughout the academic year 2012/13.

The second lecture in the series will be given by Professor Nick Lee from Aston Business School on Tuesday 5th February 2013.

The good news is, you’re fired...

Many people think that, given the chance, they'd make a pretty good manager.

Many of us also think that they’re pretty good employees.

However, as we understand more about complex workplace interactions, we continue to find that things which seem like “the right thing to do” actually have unintended negative effects. Similarly, actions many might consider harmful to the work environment can actually have positive effects.

We need to go beyond the notion of 'common-sense' - what 'should' or 'shouldn't' work – and integrate insight from psychological, organisational and even biological sciences to expose these counter-intuitive effects and make them work in the environment where we spend more waking time than any other - the workplace.

This lecture will explore many examples of the weird and wonderful ways that managers can influence good and bad employee behaviour.

After all, you may have been fired, but was it really your fault?

To book a seat at this lecture, email events@aston.ac.uk, or for further information call, Emma Sutton on 0121 204 4542.

All of the Inaugural Lectures will take place in the Sumpner Lecture Theatre, 6th Floor of the Main Building, Aston University, Birmingham.

6.00pm start, complimentary tea and coffee from 5.30pm. A buffet will follow the lecture.

The lectures are open to all and there is no entry charge. Free car parking is also available on site for this event.