Meet the Aston Professor: Alison Hodge

Alison Hodge

Professor Alison Hodge, associate Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences inspired an audience of staff and students from across the university as she shared the story of her professional journey as an academic.

Professor Hodge talked us through her early years as an academic researching plastics to her time working in Strasburg, Germany and France and working in the civil service as an electro microscopist.

Her talk provided insightful pearls of wisdom and advice sure to help any aspiring scientist or academic in the field of engineering and applied sciences.

Her talk was followed by a question and answer session led by journalist and former BBC current affairs producer, John Mair, as well as questions from the audience. 

If you would like to hear more about Professor Alison Hodge's story, a podcast is available for listening below. 

Professor Alison Hodge CV [pdf]

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