Your timetable

Aston Welcome timetable

There's a lot happening during International Orientation and Freshers' Week, so to make things a bit easier, you can view a personalised main timetable which tells you all of the compulsory activities throughout Aston Welcome.

There is also an timetable listing other events and activities taking place through the two weeks. Most events are run for a long period of time or more than once to allow you to attend them after you have attended the compulsory events. The Students' Union (SU) are also organising a huge range of events and entertainment. Your International Orientation and Freshers' Week optional timetables will be available from late August.

You will also be able to view your timetables by logging onto MAP (Aston's online student portal), when you receive your login details in August.

Please note that changes and additions may be made to your timetable, so please check back regularly.

Remember that you must attend all activities organised by your School or to do with your course, as you will be receiving important information during these sessions.

Course timetable

You can also view your course timetable on MAP (available from Freshers' Week at the latest), so you can see where you need to be and when, and check out how many 9am lectures you have...! This will be available in September

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