Finding your way around

Getting to Aston University

Information on travelling to Aston by car, rail, coach and air. Aston University is located on a green self contained campus in Birmingham city centre, not in Aston itself which is a suburb to the north of the city. If you arrive during our Move In Weekend (September 2015 only), you will be greeted by our amazing Aston Aunties who will be easily identified in their bright t-shirts!


Everything you'll need at University is located on Aston's self-contained campus and you'll soon be able to find your way around easily. All the key buildings are marked on our campus map (PDF). 

The Main Building

Every new student gets a little lost in their first week! If you get stuck go to reception who'll be happy to give you directions, or ask any member of staff. Visit the Hub Reception for printed floor maps of the Main Building, or check out the My Aston app for help with getting around. 

Aston University is fully on Google maps now, use your phone to navigate inside the building.

Finding rooms

When you first arrive at Aston, room names such as MB504 may be difficult to understand or find. The rules for understanding rooms at Aston are:

The first two letters indicate if you need to be in the Main Building (MB), South Wing (SW) or North Wing (NW). If you have to be in any room that is not on the ground floor, the first digit will tell you which floor you need to be on - for example you will find MB504 in the Main Building on the 5th floor. Finally you use the digits to find the room on the right floor.

So MB504 is the Main Buidling, 5th Floor, Room 504

The exception to this rule is the 10th floor of the North Wing - this will be publicised as NX, followed by the room number and North Wing Ground Floor will be shown as NG followed by the room number! These will all become clear as you become more familar with the Building, but there are always people to ask for help!


Birmingham is a fantastic student city, and you'll be able to find your way around in no time. To help out, the Union run tours around campus and Birmingham throughout Aston Welcome in September. They'll show you the sights as well as the best shops and supermarkets, and where to go to buy your fancy dress outfits! Ask an Auntie or visit the Union for times and dates.

In the meantime, why not look at a few of the things that Birmingham has to offer?

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