International Orientation 2014

International Students Orientation

Aston Welcome has three stages for International and EU students:

1. Pre-arrival

Here we have published information to help you plan ahead, prepare to come to Aston and get started once you arrive.

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet Service runs on select dates and times from Birmingham International airport. If you fly into Birmingham International Airport on the dates and times that the service is available, we will collect you by coach and take you to the University.

For more information about the Meet & greet service, including this year's pick-up times, please visit the Meet & Greet page here.

Your timetables

There are two timetables for International Orientation.

1.     The main timetable – for all the compulsory events including enrolment and School based activities. You will find the main timetable by logging onto your MAP homepage .

2.     The optional timetable – for all the non-compulsory events. Come to as many of these as you like provided there is nothing scheduled on your main timetable. Click here for the optional timetable or pick up a printed copy from the Hub during International Orientation.

Help with enrolment

See the University enrolment guide for help with how to enrol.

International Student Support

2. International Orientation 

Prior to the start of your studies, Aston University runs a series of activities to help you settle into your new environment, this is referred to as ‘International Orientation’. 

The programme for International Orientation is planned with you in mind and provides valuable information and guidance in preparation for your studies and life in the UK.

During this week you will be formally welcomed to the University by the Deputy Vice Chancellor. Elements of the enrolment process will also take place during this week.

Why attend International Orientation?

It is essential that you attend International Orientation. As part of the programme you will meet specialist staff who can assist you with any queries you may have. The programme aims to help you to settle in and feel more at home before your lectures and studies begin.

The main objectives of this programme are to:

  • Give you the time and space to start the process of adapting to a new culture, the language, food, the British climate and your surroundings at Aston University

  • Introduce you to Aston University and its services

  • Help you meet other International and EU/EEA students and to start making friends

  • Enable you to meet some key members of staff

  • Assist you with all the necessary practical arrangements such as shopping for food and other necessities and opening a bank account

  • Introduce you to the services provided by the Students’ Union including clubs & societies, student sports clubs and sports provision;

  •  Introduce you to cross cultural communication and basic presentation skills through workshops and group interaction.
International Students

3. Freshers' Week 

After International Orientation, the University runs a week of welcome activities for all new students, including those who live in the UK, before teaching starts. This week is called Freshers' Week. It includes School, academic and social activities and is a brilliant opportunity to meet UK students.

For more information on any aspect of Aston Welcome, see the new students website.

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