Travelling to the University - Safety tips

Be sensible, take care of your possessions and do not leave your suitcase or bags by themselves.

It is a good idea to ensure your cases and bags are clearly labelled with your Birmingham address as well as with your home address. If you need to leave your luggage anywhere, make sure it is at an official ‘Left Luggage’ office, which can be found in airports and train stations. The attendant will give you a receipt to present when collecting your luggage later. If you are travelling by train or tube, make sure your luggage is positioned where you can see it.


Take care of your passport, tickets and money and make sure they are in a safe place such as an inside pocket, money belt or zipped bag. We advise against carrying large amounts of cash in a wallet or bag which is visible to other travellers. Smaller amount of cash in lower value notes (£5, £10 & £20 notes) together with a bank card or travellers cheques are safer.


If you are taking a taxi, please choose a traditional UK ‘black cab’. Sit in the back of the taxi separated from the driver by a glass screen.

Meeting people on arrival

If relatives or friends are meeting you upon your arrival in the UK, make sure that all arrangements are confirmed before you start to travel and ask for a UK contact number in case you are delayed or cannot find them.


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