Gina Bariah

Gina Bariah
Gina Bariah

UWLP Programme of Study: Beginners Spanish
Degree Programme of Study:  BSc/MPharm Pharmacy
Year: Final

I love learning new languages and before starting my UWLP course I already had a GCSE in French but had never studied Spanish. The experience of learning Spanish was all very new and I found it extremely interesting, as when learning about the language you also gain some knowledge of the culture.

I found the language to be complex and at times, I did find it difficult, but through perseverance and the support provided by the staff I achieved an excellent grade in all my assessments. I found the course to be fascinating and fulfilling. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn new languages. Language is very important and if you enjoy travelling like myself then learning new languages is also extremely helpful.

I would definitely recommend enrolling onto a UWLP language course.