Daniela Todorova

Daniela Todorova
Daniela Todorova

UWLP Programme of Study: Intermediate and Advanced French
Degree Programme of Study: BSc International Business and Management
Year: Second

My major in college was German but I aslo chose to study French. Although studying two absolutely different languages was quite difficult, it was also very rewarding.

The moment I saw I could enroll for UWLP French here at Aston, I did it! I wanted to join the UWLP, not only to improve my language skills, but also because I was particularly interested in French. At first, I just loved the way the language sounded, but when I started learning and understanding it, I realized that it is really amazing!

My UWLP tutor was passionate, supportive and always willing to help. More importantly for me, she was creative. She managed to incorporate into the traditional teaching methods some very interesting techniques like presentations, discussions and even shooting a video clip, which made learning French much more fun.

The benefits of participating in UWLP are numerous. I met some great people, had lots of fun and also improved and practiced my language skills.