Chantal Foyer

Chantal Foyer
Chantal Foyer

UWLP Programme of Study: Intermediate and Advanced Spanish / Beginners and Intermediate Arabic
Degree Programme of Study: BSc Politics with International Relations
Year: Final

In my first and second years at Aston University I studied UWLP Spanish. In my second year, I also took up UWLP Arabic. Participating in the UWLP has proved very useful when applying for my placement year. I have been able to split my placement year into a study placement in Granada, Spain, and a working placement in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

I had studied Spanish at school, so I was delighted when I arrived at Aston and was able to continue learning it here. Had I not had this opportunity, I would have considered the efforts I had put into studying it at school wasted. When I started Arabic, I was just curious. When I went into my first class, I had no idea that I was going to learn to love the Arabic language and end up in the Middle East just a year and a half later!

As a Politics and International Relations student, It is extremely important to have knowledge of other languages and cultures. Studying Spanish and Arabic gives me an advantage, especially in my International Relations modules.

In UWLP, I like the fact that the groups are small and diverse. It enabled me to actively participate in the class and to work with people from different academic years.

Taking a language module is, in my opinion, very beneficial fro any student. It gives the student a clear advantage when it comes to applying for placements or graduate jobs. It also provides students with new perspectives on the world and on different cultures.

This year I am continuing UWLP Arabic, as my time in Jordan has made it clear that I would like to focus my career around the Middle East.