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Languages for All
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- Beginners level: aimed at complete beginners up to those with GCSE grade C in the language (or equivalent qualifications)

- Intermediate level: aimed at those with at least GCSE grade B up to AS grade C in the language (or equivalent qualifications)

- Advanced classes are aimed at those with an AS level grade A or B in the language (or equivalent qualifications)

- If a language/level combination does not appear in this list it is either not being taught or already full)

- We do not currently offer Beginners Level or Advanced Level Japanese. If you study Intermediate Japanese, you will not be able to progress to Advanced level in subsequent years.

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Languages for All
First Year students ONLY: Please answer a few questions about Languages for All
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Students on the Languages for All programme are expected to:

- attend classes each week (normally two hours per week.) You must attend a minimum of 80% of your timetabled classes. If you fail to attend for three weeks in a row without informing an appropriate member of staff you may be removed from the Programme;

- complete regular assignments/homework independently as specified by your tutor;

- submit work on time and take note of feedback so as to enhance and improve your learning;

- inform the Languages and Social Sciences School Office as soon as possible of anything which might affect your attendance or ability to complete the Programme;

- complete all assessments required for the Programme. Formal completion of the Programme is measured by the attempt to take every component of assessment;

- purchase text books as necessary.

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