Dr Séverine Hubscher Davidson

Head of Translation Studies / Lecturer in Translation Studies

Membership of Centre for Language Research at Aston (CLaRA) Membership of Institute for the Study of Language and Society (ISLS)  

I completed my first degree, BA Joint Hons French and Spanish, at the University of Kent before completing an MA in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Bath. I stayed in Bath to pursue a PhD entitled ‘An Empirical Investigation into the Effects of Personality on the Performance of French to English Student Translators’. I have mainly published in the area of translation process research, with a special focus on translators’ individual differences, personalities, intuition and emotional intelligence. Prior to joining the School of Languages and Social Sciences in Aston in 2010, I taught translation and interpreting at the University of Salford where I also held the role of Head of French.

  • BA in French and Spanish, University of Kent
  • MA in Translation and Interpreting, University of Bath
  • PgCert Higher Education Practice and Research, University of Salford
  • PhD in Translation Studies, University of Bath
  • MSc Psychology, Open University 

Undergraduate Modules

  • LI1004 Introduction to Translation
  • LI1006 Translation Workshop
  • LI2001 European Translation Traditions
  • LI3202 Advanced Translation French
  • LI3206 Contemporary Translation Theories

Postgraduate Modules

  • LIM003 Practical Translation (English-French)
  • LIM005 Practical Translation (French-English) 
  • LIM009 Translation and the Representation  of Cultures
  • LRM001 Research Methods
  • LRM003 Dissertation
  • Translation Studies
  • The Translation Process
  • Individual Differences in Translating and Interpreting
  • Think Aloud Protocols
  • Translation/Interpreting didactics


  • (in progress) Hubscher-Davidson, S. Translation and Emotion - A Psychological Perspective. Contracted to Routledge/Taylor & Francis

Recent publications

  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. (2013) ‘The Role of Intuition in the Translation Process’, Special Issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS), 8(2) John Benjamins Publishing Company. 
  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. (2013) ‘Emotional Intelligence and Translation Studies: A New Bridge', Meta: Translator’s Journal, 58(2), Presses de l’Université de Montréal. 
  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. (2011) ‘A discussion of ethnographic research methods and their relevance for the translation process', Across Languages and Cultures - A Multidisciplinary Journal for Translation and Interpreting Studies, 12(1), Akadémiai Kiadó, pp. 1-18. 
  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. (2009) ‘Personal Diversity and Diverse Personalities in Translation: a Study of Individual Differences’, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 17 (3), Routledge, pp. 175-192. 
  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. (2008) ‘A Reflection on Action Research Processes in Translator Training’, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 2 (1), St Jerome Publishing, pp. 75-92. 

Edited books

  • Ehrensberger-Dow, M., Englund Dimitrova, B. & S. Hubscher-Davidson (eds.) (2013). Translation Process Research. Special Issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS), Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. 
  • Hubscher-Davidson, S. & M. Borodo (eds) (forthcoming 2012) Global Trends in Translator and Interpreter Training Mediation and Culture, Continuum Advances in Translation, Continuum Publishers. 

Invited papers

  • 2014  [forthcoming]  ‘Emotion Perception and the Translation Process’, November 20th, Research Seminar Series, University of Manchester

  • 2014  ‘Can Emotional Traits Predict Translation Success?’, February 6th, Research Seminar Series, Leicester University

  • 2014  ‘Emotions in Translation’, April 4th, Research Seminar, University of Amsterdam

  • 2013  ‘The Role of Emotional Intelligence in 155 Professional Translators’ Work’, October 16th, Research Seminar Series, University of Salford

  • 2013  ‘Empirical and Experimental Research in Translation’, July 2nd, Research workshop, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • 2013  ‘Translators’ individual differences: a personal journey’, Research Seminar Series, University of Graz, June 19th, Austria

  • Invited discussant at 3rd International Research Workshop on Methodology in Translation Process Research, Gran Canaria (Jan. 2013) 
  • Keynote Speaker: 4th  International Anniversary Conference on Translation and Interpretation, The University of Baia Mare, Romania (October 2012) 
  • Invited Webinar on the role of Emotional Intelligence in the translator/interpreter workplace,  http://www.ecpdwebinars.co.uk/previousevents/prod_1808749-Emotional-Intelligence-for-Interpreters-and-Translators.html (January 2012) 
  • Invited contribution to the 2nd International Research Workshop on Methodology in Translation Process Research, University of Gießen, Germany (2011) 
  • Invited speaker at 4 th  workshop on "One brain, two languages: bridging neuroscience and linguistics", theme: "Bilingualism, translation and interpretation", University of Bangor (2010) 
  • Invited research seminars: ‘Emotionally intelligent translators: a new challenge for translation theory and practice’, University of Ulster (2011); ‘Verbalising Strategies: an Ethnographic Study of Translator Behaviour’, Universities of Bydgoszcz and Toruń, Poland (2009); ‘An Ethnographic Analysis of Translator Behaviour’, Durham University (2009); ‘Personalities in Translation’, University of Newcastle (2007); ‘The Role of Personalities in Translator Training’, University of Salford (2006). 
  • Keynote Speaker at ‘Writing for Translation’ course, University of Málaga (2008) 

Conference papers

  • 2015  [forthcoming] 'Tolerance for Ambiguity and the Translation Profession: A New Direction for Empirical Research in Translation’, 5th IATIS Conference, Panel 16, July 7th-10th, Brazil

  • 2014  ‘Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction and career success in a sample of professional translators’, Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), May 7th-9th, Birmingham, UK

  • 2013  ‘Intuition in Translation’, 54th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association, November 6th-9th, San Antonio, Texas

  • ‘Non-Cognitive Methods for Translation Process Research' - Special Panel, AIETI 6th International Conference, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Jan. 2013) 
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence in the Translation/Interpreting Workplace’ – Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Conference (Birmingham, 2011) 
  • 'Emotional intelligence in translation: a new psychological track' - 6th European Society for Translation Studies Congress (Leuven, 2010) 
  • ‘Tapping and relocating the translation process’ - University of Joensuu ConferenceTranslation Studies: Moving In, Moving On (Joensuu, 2009) 
  • 'What lies beneath? Exploring behaviours during the translation process: an interdisciplinary approach' - 3rd Conference of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (Melbourne, 2009) 
  • ‘An ethnographic analysis of translators' verbalisations and implications for translator training’ - 2nd international conference on Teaching Translation and Interpreting (Łódź, 2009) 
  • ‘Personal Diversity and Diverse Personalities in Translation’ - XVIII FIT World Congress: Translation and Cultural Diversity (Shanghai, 2008) 

Conference organization

  • Member of Thematic Network on Empirical and Experimental Research in Translation (TREC)  
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy 
  • Member of European Society for Translation Studies
  • Member of International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
  • Member of Centre for Language Education Research at Aston (CLERA)
  • Member of Institute for the Study of Language and Society (ISLS)
  • Affiliate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • Member of Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)

I am available to supervise PhD projects in several areas within translation studies, and welcome PhD applications in Translation Process Research more specifically.

Room: MB740b
Phone: (+44) 121 204 3625 
Email: s.hubscher-davidson@aston.ac.uk        

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