Dr Marcos Estrada

Teaching Associate in Sociology

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Marcos Estrada joined Languages and Social Sciences of Aston University in January 2016 as a Sociology Tutor before becoming a Teaching Associate in 2017. He received his PhD from the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, where he researched the everyday practices and identities of Brasiguaios, a group of people holding sociocultural ties with and living within Brazilian and Paraguayan border region.

Marcos’s research interests are in post-migration processes, with a focus on forms of transnationalism carried by non-migrants and people living within border regions, it includes the role of social movements in transnationalism; identity formation in culturally diffuse spaces, especially within border regions; how oral memories of migration experiences (individual and collective stories) are transmitted across generations and qualitative methods, especially using new technology. His particular region of interest and expertise is Latin America, particularly Brazil and the Southern Cone. 

In order to disseminate his current work outside the academic environment, Marcos produced the documentary ‘Brasiguaios: Transnational Lives and Identities’, which trailer and information can be found at www.brasiguaios.com.

In 2017, Marcos received the academic award MERCOSUR en investigación sobre políticas sociales.  Paraguay: la dimensión social y ciudadana en el MERCOSUR, awarded by CLACSO, the Latin American Research Council of Social Sciences, which sponsors research and award prizes to outstanding scholars developing research about the region.
Email: m.estrada@aston.ac.uk

Tel: 0121 204 4462

Estrada, M. (2017) El papel de los procesos transnacionales en la integración y desarrollo de Paraguay en el MERCOSUR. CLACSO (upcoming). 

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