Dr Marcos Estrada

Teaching Associate in Sociology

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Marcos Estrada joined Languages and Social Sciences of Aston University in January 2016 as a Sociology Tutor before becoming a Teaching Associate in 2017.  He received his PhD from the department of Sociology at University of Warwick on the study of the everyday practices and identities of Brasiguaios, a group of people holding sociocultural ties with and living mostly within Brazilian and Paraguayan border region. Marcos’s research interests are in transnationalism, with a focus on forms of transnationalism carried by non-migrants and people living within border region, it includes the role of social movements in transnationalism; identity formation in culturally diffuse spaces, especially within border regions; oral memory of migration experiences (individual and collective stories); migration processes, social theories and qualitative methods. His particular region of interest and expertise is Latin America, particularly Brazil and the Southern Cone. As a part of his PhD, he produced the documentary ‘Brasiguaios: Transnational Lives and Identities’, its trailer and information can be found at www.brasiguaios.com , to disseminate his work outside the academic environment. In 2017, Marcos received the academic award MERCOSUR en  investigación  sobre  políticas  sociales.  Paraguay: la dimensión social y ciudadana en el MERCOSUR, awarded by CLACSO, the Latin American Research Council of Social Sciences, which sponsors research and award prizes to outstanding scholars developing research about the region.    
Email: m.estrada@aston.ac.uk

Tel: 0121 204 4462

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  • Estrada, M. (2017). Making Sense of Borderland People’s Everyday Life and Traditions. In: The Dynamics of Change in the Pakistan-Afghanistan Region: Politics on Borderland. (upcoming).
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