Dr Jack Grieve

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Linguistics / Director of Research Degree Programmes

Jack Grieve
  • BA in Linguistics (Simon Fraser University) 
  • MA in Linguistics (Simon Fraser University) 
  • PhD in Applied Linguistics (Northern Arizona University) 

Undergraduate Modules

  • LE1008 Grammar and Meaning
  • LE2053 Variations of English

Postgraduate Modules

  • LEM036 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LEM051 Lexicogrammar
  • Authorship Attribution 
  • Forensic Linguistics 
  • Functional Linguistics 
  • Quantitative Corpus Linguistics 
  • Regional Dialectology 
  • Variationist Sociolinguistics 

Journal Articles


      • American Dialect Society 
      • Linguistic Society of America 
      • International Association of Forensic Linguists 

      Date: 2014-2016.
      Call: Digging into Data Challenge.
      Funder: JISC/ESRC/AHRC
      Amount: £105,000
      Title: Trees & Tweets: Mining Billions to Understand Human Migration and Regional Linguistic Variation.

      Room: MB742A
      Phone: 0121 204 3784
      Email: j.grieve1@aston.ac.uk