Dr Branka Visnjic

Teaching Associate 

Branka started teaching at CELCA, Aston in 2008 as a Tutor on pre-sessional EAP courses. Previously she taught various linguistic modules (English Lexis and Word Morphology, English Grammar in Use, Phonetics, Speaking Skills and Academic Writing Skills) at the Department of English Language and Literature, University of Montenegro. Branka also has seven years of experience teaching ESOL, EAL and Literacy, in primary and secondary schools, as well as embedded Functional Skills, IELTS and Dyslexia in colleges in Birmingham. The following are the programmes she has been involved in at Aston University: General English Programme, Kansai Year Abroad, pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (English for Medical and Pharmaceutical Studies and English for Business Studies), English for Postgraduate Studies and International Summer University.

  • B.A. English Language and Literature 
  • PGCE in Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support 
  • Cert Ed in TESOL 
  • University of Birmingham Certificate in Business Management and Communications 
  • MA Applied Linguistics 
  • PhD Applied Linguistics 
  • AM10AS Academic Writing and Study Skills
  • CS1150 Academic and Professional Communication Skills
  • EC110A Study Skills
  • LA1100 EAS Academic Language Skills 1
  • LA2107 British Society Through Printed Media
  • LA2202 British Society Through Printed Media (Kansai)
  • English for Academic Purposes (teaching material development and skill assessment)
  • Application of corpus linguistics in EAP teaching and learning,
  • TESOL/ Advanced Lexis and Grammar testing,
  • Autonomous learning skills

  • (2000) `Developing Listening Skills`, (Conference proceedings), Univerzitetska rijec. Podgorica, Yugoslavia: University of Montenegro Press. 
  • (2000). Illustrated English Dictionary for Young Learners. Niksic, Montenegro: Maple Publishing House. 
  • (1998) ` Lexico-semantic Restrictions on Syntactic Structures`, (Conference proceedings) Univerzitetska rijec. Podgorica, Yugoslavia: University of Montenegro Press. 
  • (1997). MA thesis - `Verb Phrase as a Means of Expressing Futurity in Modern English`, (Script). Belgrade, Serbia: University of Belgrade. 
  • (1995) `Issues in International Students` Acquisition of Phonetic Skills (English Phonetic System and Categories`, Univerzitetska rijec. Podgorica, Yugoslavia: University of Montenegro Press. 

Work to be published: 

  • Lexicalisation of Time - Temporal Anteriority-Posteriority as Expressed in the Vocabulary of Contemporary English`, PhD thesis, University of Birmingham and University of Belgrade.
  • BALEAP (the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes)   2011-2012

  • PATOSS - Professional Association of Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties; 2007-2011                                                          

  • Institute for Learning 2008-2011

  • Association of HE Dyslexia Tutors 2009-2010   

  • 1999/2000: DM 5000; the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation Network: Pedagogical Use of Corpora in Teaching Lexis and Grammar in Higher Education ‘ as part of the project : Autonomous Learning/ Computer Assisted Language Learning in Higher Education
  • 2001: DM 22,000; the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation Network / The project title:  Lexicalisation of Temporal Order in English Vocabulary (Semantic Relations of Temporal Anteriority - Posteriority as Expressed in the Vocabulary of Contemporary English).
Room: NW 816A
Phone: 0121 204 3201
Email: visnjicb@aston.ac.uk 

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