Explorations in Second Language Acquisition and Task-based Teaching and Learning



Date: Wednesday 26 June 2013

Time: 2.45 - 7.00pm 

Venue: Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Learning & teaching facilities


Prof. Rod Ellis, University of Auckland and Shanghai International Studies University                                                                                                                     

Rod will present findings from a study in which teachers designed, taught and evaluated tasks.  He will suggest that
a practical way in which teachers can research their teaching and develop their understanding of task-based teaching is by carrying out micro-evaluations.  

Prof Alison Mackey, Georgetown University and Lancaster University 

In this presentation, Alison will first briefly outline some current theoretical claims and the wide range of methodological approaches used in interaction research. She will then show some data from three very different studies, ranging from cognitive to social in orientation and will conclude with a concise discussion of how this work can be applied to authentic learning contexts.

Jane Willis, Honorary Visiting Fellow, Aston University

The aim of this workshop is to give participants a brief experience of the overall process of task design, implementation and research planning. Jane will introduce a 'task generator' and will outline parameters for adapting tasks and refining task instructions before suggesting how teachers might research the tasks they design and use.

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***This event is currently fully booked. To reserve a place on the waiting list please email Jacquie Harding: j.harding@aston.ac.uk***

Contact: Jacquie Harding at j.harding@aston.ac.uk

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