IntErlanD: Inclusion, Equality, Diversity

Symposium Themes

IntErlanD emphasises interaction, partnership and engagement with policymakers, businesses and local communities as both co-producers and users of knowledge. The Centre is a launch-pad for ‘new frontier’ research into diversity, and its researchers are engaged in work that will shape future thinking and pioneer practices that will have a significant impact on diverse societies.

IntErlanD is committed to working with practitioners and will offer practical solutions for national and local government, service-providers and employers. There is no better living ‘laboratory’ than Birmingham and the West Midlands within which to develop and test influential policies and practices relating to the understanding and management of diversity.

IntErlanD is eager to build collaborative partnerships with groups and organisations regionally, nationally and internationally. We organise public events, engage in ongoing research projects and provide academic insight for business and policy networks. 

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