About CLaRA

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CLaRA (Centre for Language Research at Aston) is an interdisciplinary, multilingual group of researchers – academic staff and research students – who work in the field of language and language education research. The main aim of CLaRA is to build on Aston’s longstanding expertise in research into language education, modern foreign languages, applied and sociolinguistics by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and establishing national and international networks and partnerships. We focus on:

  • Research into languages and cultures
  • Translating cultures
  • Multilingualism and language contact
  • Language policy
  • First and second language learning and teaching
  • Language teacher education
  • Language education for professional and intercultural communication
  • Corpus Linguistics

We aim to promote collaboration among researchers in these areas of Aston’s School of Languages and Social Sciences and across the university, and to establish international research networks and partnerships. We provide an annual programme of seminars, workshops and conferences, and we design and deliver a language related programme of events to the university’s continuous personal development programmes.

CLaRA Directors

Dr. Sue Garton

Sue Garton is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics (TESOL). She has an MSc in Teaching English and a PD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University. Her research interests are in the area of language education, in particular language-in-education policy and practice, classroom discourse and teaching English to young learners.

Dr. Emmanuelle Labeau
A long time ago, coming from a not so far away country, Emmanuelle joined Aston University as a language assistant. Her desire to become a better teacher spurred her into embarking on a part-time PhD on ‘The Acquisition of French Past Tenses by Anglophone Learners’, while starting an appointment as a teaching fellow.