Research Projects

ACE research projects
Building up on internal and external expertise, ACE’s brief is to generate policy-relevant research and knowledge transfer on politics and policy, thus impacting upon thinking, behaviour, practice, and policy in specific user groups. To live up to these expectations, ACE builds upon internal and external expertise, on high-quality partnerships with Universities in Europe and elsewhere. ACE exemplifies the central elements of the University’s Aston 2012 and Aston 2020 strategy documents: to be recognised for excellence in European politics and policy in a way that delivers real solutions for local and global challenges. ACE’s research strategy therefore has the following eight key aims:
  1. To consolidate and grow an interdisciplinary research environment
  2. To maintain and increase the quality and quantity of high-level research in order to enhance performance in REF 2014 and beyond
  3. To support the development of researchers
  4. To increase external research income
  5. To develop a stronger interdisciplinary and international research network based on partnerships with European and international institutions and funding bodies
  6. To increase the number of research students
  7. To encourage research with impact for the local, national and international communities (given ACE’s strategic situation at the interface between academia and the policy world)
  8. To demonstrate our research excellence to the outside world

LSS Projects and grants