Jean Monnet Module: Tom Roe

ACE East-Asia Seminars 2014

Thomas engaged in a very stimulating discussion with students on the evolving focus of EU-Asia relationship and on the challenges as much as opportunities ahead. He sketched out the EU's relative decline coming from an imperialist background, the US willingness to step back and its relative decline too, compared to the rapidly growing Asia. This reshuffling of the cards has triggered the EU to adjust its approach to this region of the world, some countries of which the Union considers as strategic partners. With an emphasis on mutual cooperation - as opposed to a one-way relationship - the agenda of EU-Asia relationship, supported by bilateral dialogues and regional cooperation mechanisms, has covered and includes a wide range of items from development cooperation to EU education effects to regional integration, regulatory packages and trade-related issues, global public goods and global governance, normative objectives, as well as some sensitive security issues.