Getting Started with French - Niveau bleu

Teaching English to young learners

Date: Tuesday 18th November 2014
Time: 10.00 – 16.00
Cost: £125.00 (includes lunch & resources)
Location: Aston University, Birmingham

Who should attend?

Primary practitioners who wish to start teaching French in Key Stage 2; Primary French Subject Coordinators; initial teacher trainees; classroom teaching assistants & headteachers.

The materials can be used by absolute beginners. They aim to train the teacher as well as teach the children. The PowerPoint presentations include all images and voice recordings necessary to model language and language concepts to children.

Why should I attend?

This one-day course will provide classroom teaching resources and support so that you can start to teach French in Key Stage 2.  The course is based on teaching materials devised as part of a project comprising the French Embassy, the Association for Language Learning and Network for Languages, which are freely available to all participants.  

Practitioners attending this training course are encouraged to use the materials to teach French in school, thereby extending their training and enhancing their subject knowledge.

Niveau bleu materials are aimed at children in Year 3, or children in their first year of learning French in Key Stage 2.  There are further courses to cover materials for teaching other school years.  These materials are fully aligned with the new Programme of Study for Languages in Key Stage 2, and are very simple and user-friendly.  They comprise lesson plans in Word format, and PowerPoint presentations designed for use on the interactive whiteboard.

Aims of the course: 

  • Teach French in Key Stage 2, using the materials provided;
  • Understand the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study, and how it can help me to plan and teach French;
  • Use suitable methodology for teaching French in Key Stage 2;
  • Understand how children can make progress in French;
  • Improve my subject knowledge;
  • Make links with children’s prior and concurrent learning, especially in English;
  • Develop many innovative ideas and practical strategies for use in the classroom;
  • Acquire the confidence to get started, and to understand how to use a wider range of resources.


The purpose of the Primary French Project materials is to help teachers and schools to make a confident and robust start in teaching French. The materials offer a starting point to

  • Age-appropriate methodology for teaching French throughout Key Stage 2
  • An understanding of linguistic progression
  • An understanding of grammar
  • Developing accurate pronunciation
  • Developing knowledge about France and French culture


The materials also offer a starting point so that teachers will feel empowered at a later stage to begin using a full scheme of work.

The materials are designed to be minimal. They offer five 15-minute lessons to be taught each half term, with each lesson being taught twice. The lessons themselves teach vocabulary for the purpose of understanding grammar, developing pronunciation and building sentences. It is also highly recommended that during each half term the children have an opportunity to listen to a story, sing a song and learn to say a finger rhyme from memory. These additional activities will help to teach intonation and build fluency.

The Primary French Project was launched on 14th March 2013 at the French Embassy in London and involves a high-profile partnership that aims to support primary schools throughout England. The Primary French Project Partnership brings together three organisations:

  • Institut français du Royaume Uni (IFRU); 
  • ALL – The Association for Language Learning; 
  • Network for Languages. 


All three organisations came together for the purpose of supporting primary schools wishing to teach French as part of the new statutory curriculum from September 2014. The support will include the development of teaching resources to exemplify the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study for Languages (French), outreach to as many primary schools as possible, the development of training courses for teachers, and professional development opportunities, such as “Getting Started with French – Niveau bleu”.  Further information about the Primary French Project will be available online soon.

For further information about the Institut français du Royaume Uni (IFRU) follow this link.

For further information about the Association for Language Learning follow this link.


Fiona Cotton is a former head of languages and local authority consultant for MFL who now works independently. In 2008-9 she was employed by the National Strategies as a reviewer of the renewed Key Stage 3 framework for languages.  Fi has a particular interest in creativity, progression and assessment for learning across key stage 2 and 3 but has wide experience leading training for teachers in FKS, KS1 and of course, KS4 and post 16. She is passionate about combining language learning with other arts subjects and has been known to use some rather innovative methods to teach languages: playing the ukulele, writing and directing plays, performing puppet shows and teaching salsa dancing - all in the target language, of course!

To guarantee a place, please register online first and then proceed to online payment - This booking is non-refundable, but may be swapped with another delegate if you are unable to attend. 

Contact: Jacquie Harding at j.harding@aston.ac.uk

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