Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Day at Aston

Saturday March 18th 2017

Plenary talks:
Peeter Mehisto  (University College London Institute of Education) - Getting concrete with CLIL

Judith Woodfield  (Head teacher, Bordesley Green Girls School) - How Content and Language Integrated Teaching Can Halt the Decline of Languages in Schools

Elisabeth Wielander (Aston University) - Something to talk about: Integrating content and language in tertiary education

Workshop with Peeter Mehisto - Scaffolding through the unavoidable gateway of short-term memory: A CLIL essential

Show and Tell Event

9.30-10.00     Registration
10.00-11.00    Welcome and Peeter Mehisto
11.00-11.30    Coffee
11.30-12.15    Judith Woodfield
12.15-13.00    Elisabeth Wielander
13.00-13.45    Lunch
13.45-14.45    Workshop with Peeter Mehisto
14.45-15.30    Show and Tell 1
15.30-16.00    Coffee
16.00-16.45     Show and Tell 2
16.45-17.00    Closing

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