West Midlands Economic Forum: Aston Euro Series 

West Midlands Economic Forum - Aston Euro Series (1) from Biz To Biz TV on Vimeo.

On 28th February, the Aston Centre for Europe hosted the second lunchtime briefing of the 'Aston Euro Series', organized jointly with the West Midlands Economic Forum. Chaired by Prof. Simon Green, the high-level panel focused on the European economic recovery. Anthea McIntyre (Member of the European Parliament) provided the audience with an overview of the economic situation in Europe, discussing in particular employment and the need to equip people with skills in areas where a shortage exists. Mr Moreno Bertoldi (DG ECFIN, European Commission) complemented this overview by presenting the dynamics of European recovery, economic prospects and the performance of the UK in particular. The situation of the West Midlands, comparing notably the level of inward investments and exports, was at the centre of the Q&A session.

After the event, Biz to Biz interviewed Prof. Green, Mrs McIntyre and Mr Forrest.