Dr Copsey co-editor of Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review 

ACE Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review
Dr Nathaniel Copsey has been re-selected (together with Dr Tim Haughton from the University of Birmingham) as the co-editor of the prestigious Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review (JCMS AR) for an historic third term. The JCMS has been the leading journal of European integration studies since 1962. The journal is produced in association with UACES (the University Association for Contemporary European Studies) and contains both analytical articles and keynote contributions written by leading experts in the fields of European politics, law and economics. It is the most authoritative source of information for those engaged in teaching and research or who are simply interested in the European Union. Copsey and Haughton have introduced the leading 'State of the Union' address which provides an overview of the big picture of European integration and is contributed by one of the EU's leading politicians. Contributors have included Barroso, Trichet and Buzek in recent years. Dr Copsey says "this reflects exceptionally well on the Aston Centre for Europe and I am delighted to be editing the journal for a final term.''