Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson is the former Head of the Regional, European and International Division of Birmingham City Council. Immediately prior to her retirement she oversaw the development and negotiation of the CASC project on behalf of the City Council and she continues to be involved in its coordination and delivery.

Jill Robinson MA (Oxon) FRSA spent almost 20 years with the City Council, helping to set up the City Council’s first European unit combining EU funding, project development and international relationship building skills. She was one of the key officers involved in the establishment and development of the European network of major cities, Eurocities. Throughout her local government career, Jill Robinson has always been interested in improving the dialogue between all levels of government, public agencies and ‘the general public’, in advocating the international responsibilities of major developed cities She helped set up the College for International Citizenship in Birmingham and the Birmingham European Summer University.