29 March Petruta Teampau

Women in communist Romania (1965-1989): gender, politics and embodied ideology

Dr. Petruța Teampău

Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

The communist regime in Romania has failed, despite propagandistic promises, to provide a gender-neutral citizenship; instead, it has reinforced traditional gender roles for women, highlighted women’s reproductive role and enhanced the identity of “socialist mother”. Our research assesses the congruence between the norms and ideological guidelines of communist propaganda (expressed in the magazine “Femeia”/“The woman”) and the way in which they were internalized and lived out by women, as embodied and gendered experiences. Analyzing women’s narratives can help us understand the impact of ideological pressure, how women conceived their civic status and made sense of their embodied citizenship and possibly identify unexplored sources of female empowerment.