LTS/ISLS Research Seminars 2011-12

Room MB 564 (unless stated otherwise) from 4:00pm – 5:30pm.  All welcome.

Teaching period one

10 Oct       

Uwe Schutte and Jo Catling
W.G. Sebald – Beyond Literature
(Birmingham Book Festival)

19 Oct                       

John Davis, Kingston University London
The origins of hate:  British Germanophiles and Germanophobes before the First World War  

9 Nov
Jérôme Devaux, University of Salford
The use of video-link in interpreter-mediated situations in criminal courts in England and Wales

16 Nov           

Evelyn Ziegler, University of Duisburg-Essen 
Linguistic Landscapes
(Jointly hosted with English)   

23 Nov          

Piotr Kuhiwczak 
Translating and interpreting for the Red Cross

7 Dec            
Juan José Jiménez-Anca
Capitalism and the language of theory: From solid foundations to the liquidation of bodies 

Teaching period two

25 Jan                       

4.30 start
Professor Philip Swanson, University of Sheffield
‘Remember the Alamo?’ US Westerns and Mexico 

8 Feb
Professor Sandra Halverson, University of Bergen  
Is translated language unique?  Crosslinguistic influence and its implications for translation studies

22 Feb
Dr Johann Lughofer,  University of Ljubljana
“Es ist Magie in jedem Wort” Namen als identitätsstiftendes Element bei Joseph Roth

28 Feb
Room MB753
Dr Sharon O’Brien, Dublin City University
Translation as Human-Computer Interaction 

29 Feb
4.30 start
Adriana Tortoriello, Imperial College London
Semiotic cohesion and the importance of nonverbal codes in subtitling 

14 March
Dr Enric Mallorquí-Ruscalleda, University of São Paulo
The Promise of Happyness. The Quest for the Meaning of Life in Early Modern Castile (1552-1601)

25 April
Dr Adela Martinez-Garcia, University of Malaga
Culture as a journey

2 May
Dr Margrit Schulte Beerbuhl, University of Düsseldorf 
Cadbury and Stollwerck: Transnational Cooperation in the Chocolate Industry during the 19th and early 20th Centuries 

16 May
Room MB554
Professor Ritchie Robertson, University  of Oxford
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and The Magic Mountain: The use of conspiracy theories

30 May
-POSTPONED TO 2012/13-
Dr Brian Sudlow, Aston University
Saving the human: French Christian critics of technology in the humanist rearguard

For more information on LTS/ISLS research seminars please contact Prof Jim Shields