Data Workshops - Thursday 23rd September

The theme of the third annual conference on Explorations in Ethnography Language and Communications is ‘Perspectives on Data’.

The first day of the conference begins with an opening plenary - given by Professor Carey Jewitt - followed by four parallel 'Data Workshops' (for more information on the days events see our full programme). Our Data Workshops are intended to provide delegates with an opportunity to work with ‘real’ data and to appreciate different approaches to analysis and the interpretive processes involved.

Workshops are run by senior academics drawn from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, all of whom employ ethnographically sensitive approaches to the collection and analysis of language data.

The format for all of the data workshops is as follows:

  • Introduction from the presenter to the data and the study from which it is drawn

  • Data analysis session in which participants work in groups to discuss the data

  • Formal paper presentation

  • Open discussion in which delegates have the opportunity to debate the process by which data analysis and interpretation finds its way into a final paper / article (30 minutes)

Organisers will pre-allocate delegates to data workshops prior to the conference. We therefore request that delegates review each of the abstracts below and  email their first and second preferences to lss_eelc@aston.ac.uk (e.g. first preference workshop one; second preference workshop four) by Tuesday 21st September.


Workshop 1: Constructing "Youth, race and resistance: A sociolinguistic perspective"

Workshop 2: Ethnography and distance: Engaging in fieldwork versus engaging fieldworkers

Workshop 3: Searching, Defining and Identifying Data in Linguistic Ethnography

Workshop 4: The geography of multidisciplinary communication in a cancer clinic: reflections on space, time and perspective

Please note that each workshop is only able to accommodate a certain number of people. We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s preferences. However, if we do not receive your preferences by the date above then we will make a choice on your behalf.

Many thanks

Conference Organisers