English Research Seminars 2010/11

Tuesdays 4.05-5.30

October 5th   

Carol Marley
Picture this: Narrative & conceptual interpretation in visual discourse

October 12th  

Tim Grant
Duppying yoots in a dog eat dog world, kmt. - A discussion of methodological and legal problems in the radical translation of Internet Relay Chat into Standard English at the Old Bailey

October 26th   

Nur Hooton
"... a bit of a ‘life changer’" Teacher and peer feedback as an instigator of learning and change

November 2nd   
Nicci Macleod
"He quoth", "she heareth": Men, women and credibility in the 1641 Depositions

Sam Tomblin
"At the end of the day, when all is said and done, honesty is the best policy": Using formulaic language to detect deception

November 9th      
Mike Scott and Reiner Grundmann
The Language of Climate Change

November 16th     
Yvonne Fowler
Interpreting into the ether: a study of interpreter-mediated communication through prison video link in magistrates courts

Rui Souza
“Yer but no but yer but ok then”: Providing linguistic evidence in cases of academic plagiarism

November 23rd     
Fiona Copland and Sue Garton
Teaching Young Learners Internationally: What teachers around the world report about their practices

November 30th        

Ferdiye Ersoy
On the Periphery of Europe: An Introduction to the Investigation of  the Construction
of Adolescent Identities in Northern Cyprus

Haleema Ebrahim
An exploration of female leadership language in Bahrain

December 7 th   
Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Using Corpora for Autonomous Correction and Improvement of Academic Writing

This seminar has been postponed

December 14th

Kate Haworth
A case of mistaken identity? Identity, audience design and transcontextuality in police interviews


Teaching period 2

All seminars in room 404b unless stated otherwise

January 25th  

Esther Asprey, Brian Dakin and Ajmal Hussain (InterLanD, Aston University)
Language and Ethnicity: the microlevel perspective

February 1st  

Steve Mann and Keith Richards (University of Warwick)
The research interview in applied linguistics: taking a stance

February 8th  

Ramesh Krishnamurthy (Acorn, Aston University)
Using Corpora for Autonomous Correction and Improvement of Academic Writing (title to be confirmed)

February 15th   

Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University, Japan)
Instant Messenger Cooperative Development: Journeys of discovery

Neil Cowie (Okayama University, Japan) and Keiko Sakui (Kobe Shoin Women’s University, Japan)
EFL teachers’ perceptions of student motivation: theory and practice

February 22nd   

Liz Carter (University of Essex)
Tape recording and the serious business of having a laugh: The effect of interactional behaviour in the police interview on the protection of suspects’ rights

March 1st  
Room: MB758
Muna Morris-Adams (CLERA, Aston University)
Topic Management in native speaker non-native speaker conversations

March 8th  

Helen Sauntson (University of Birmingham)
Using different discourse analysis approaches to examine discursive constructions of gender (title to be confirmed)

March 15th  

Diane Davies (University of Leicester)
‘Talking for Harborough’: an investigation of 20th century south Leicestershire speech through archival oral history

March 22nd  

Krzysztof Kredens (Centre for Forensic Linguistics, Aston University)

‘To me it’s like they want to beat him up’ – Pragmatic meanings in forensic contexts

April 5th  

Jo Angouri (University of the West of England)
Language choice and negotiation in multilingual white collar workplace environments


May 3rd   

Janet Cotterill (Cardiff University)
Title to be confirmed

May 10th   

Anne Burns (CLERA, Aston University)
Professional-client communication and non-English speaking background accountants: practice to pedagogy

May 17th  

Steve Walsh (University of Newcastle)
Appropriate methodologies for investigating classroom discourse

May 24th  

Gertrud Reershemius and Ramesh Krishnamurthy (CLERA, Aston University)
A corpus on offer – an invitation to all colleagues working with spoken language