7th BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG Conference

Theorising practice and practising theory: developing local pedagogies in language teaching

Date: Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th July 2011
Place: Aston University, Birmingham

The 7th BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG conference will explore questions explore questions such as:

  • ‘How do local contexts affect language teaching pedagogies?’
  • ‘What affordances do bilingual teachers bring to the language classroom?’
  • ‘What does the development of lingua francas mean for language learning and teaching?’
  • 'How can theory be developed from contextual practice?’
  • 'How can practitioners contribute to local research and theorist/researchers contribute to local practice?'

Conference fees (lunch, tea and coffee are included on both days)

  • £120 BAAL members
  • £150 non-members
  • £90 students

Plenary speakers 

  • Professor B. Kumaravadivelu (San José State University, USA)
  • Professor Juliane House (Hamburg University, Germany)
  • Professor Anne Burns (Aston University/University of New South Wales)

To find out more skip to:

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Aston University Campus

Please send any queries about the BAAL LLT SIG conference to lss_baal@aston.ac.uk.