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Conference Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Transition in Languages
learning without hesitation, deviation or repetition

With Languages in the curriculum in a state of flux, and uncertainty about the future level of statutory provision in schools, the issues around transition have never been more important.

Schools face the challenge of students with a plethora of different language learning backgrounds at various stages of their education.  If this challenge is not adequately addressed, learners risk a disjointed and potentially demotivating language learning experience; the effects of which become glaringly apparent in higher education across the UK.

This informative and timely full day conference will look at the policy context as well as offering practical solutions and transferable strategies from acclaimed thinkers and leading professionals in the field of Modern Languages. It will touch on lifelong learning, CLIL and mixed ability language class strategies and will be equally valuable to practitioners as it will be to those working in an advisory or consultative capacity..

The day will feature a number of plenary sessions, as well as 3 workshop strands focussing on the key transitions from primary, through secondary and into higher education

Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Venue:Aston Business School
            Aston University
            Birmingham, B4 7ET

Programme Highlights
 - keynote plenary sessions
 - workshop strands with leading thinkers and nationally 
   acclaimed practitioners

Speakers include:
 - Dr Lid King
 - Dr Terry Lamb
 - Prof Pam Moores
 - Sue Kirkham
 - Martine Pillette
 - Judith Woodfield
 - Liz Black
 - Rene Koglbauer
 - Ana Neofitou


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