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Many congratulations on having secured a place at Aston University! 

It is almost time for you to join us and we hope you are as thrilled as we are about the exciting journey ahead of you. Aston University has recently been awarded Gold in the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), a testament to the quality of our teaching and the outstanding student experience we provide. We all look forward to having you join this exciting learning community.

We want to help you make the most of your university experience from the very start and recognise that the first few days and weeks can be crucial.  So we have talked to your predecessors about what information and tips they found useful as new students, and have gathered as much of it as possible together in the below information.  We hope it will help to orientate you to university life and guide you through the initial steps and processes which you will need to engage with in order to get yourself fully established on your chosen programme of study.  Some of the information and processes may seem somewhat odd and many will seem very different from what you are used to.  But they all play a significant role, whether in supporting you administratively or stimulating you academically,  and it is important that you follow the steps outlined here so that you get yourself properly set up and prepared for your career as an Aston student.  So please skim read this information now, so that you know what information it contains, and keep this link handy to refer to in the coming weeks as you prepare for and arrive at Aston.  Once you are here, you will find that there are plenty of people (including me!) on hand to give you support and advice. 

Our recent success in the Teaching Excellence Framework can be attributed in part to the way we work in partnership with our students.  Right from the initial Welcome Week, you will find a number of ways to enhance your experience at Aston and contribute to the successes of your Department, School and the wider institution.  Those that take these opportunities make the most of their time at University and go on to become successful, confident, happy graduates.

We look forward to welcoming you in person in a few weeks.

Dr Raquel Fernández-Sánchez 

University Welcome and Enrolment information

Your welcome timetable will be available from 14th September via your My Aston Portal (MAP) account.  Please note that you will need to have completed your Pre-Enrolment in order to view your timetable – please refer to the Enrolment Guide.  Please ensure that you attend all of the academic sessions as they are compulsory and check regularly for any updates to your timetable.  

Your module/teaching timetable for the first term will be available in MAP during freshers week.  

Library Services and Reading lists
A specific reading list is not provided in advance as information for key texts will be given by the tutors during freshers week and week one of term.  You will be provided with further information on which books you may wish to purchase for your course. We recommend that new students wait until freshers week before purchasing any books as the academic induction activities will help you to gain a better insight into which books will be most helpful to you.  We also strongly recommend that you attend the Library Induction offered in freshers week as this will give you an excellent introduction to the services that the library can offer.

Current Student Portal         
Once your studies start you will need to go to our information for current students portal where you will find the Student Handbook and other important information for your studies.  

Term dates

Contact us                           
Please contact the LSS Programme Support team if you have any queries about freshers week or about your programme throughout your time at Aston.

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