Free English language tutorials

At Aston expectations regarding your ability to understand and follow lectures, participate actively in seminars, deliver effective presentations and submit appropriate written assignments are high. All international undergraduate, postgraduate and research students are entitled to free English language support tutorials which will help to meet these expectations.

Our team of friendly and supportive staff can help you with:

  • Improving your accuracy and fluency when using spoken and written English.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Specialised vocabulary used within your field of academic study.
  • Giving presentations
  • Using academic style appropriately.
  • Written assignments, including dissertations/project reports
  • Other academic skills such as listening to lectures or taking part in seminars

***Applications will open in October.***

We recommend our small group tutorials to students who:

  • have just started at Aston and would like to improve their chances of success 
  • would like to learn how to approach academic assignments, prepare for seminars or cope with lectures 
  • would like to develop their academic skills further 
  • like to learn in a collaborative way  

These tutorials run in cycles of two consecutive weeks at a time. Each session lasts two hours. To get the most out of the tutorials, you should attend both sessions in a cycle.

Topics covered:

Writing Essays & Reports: This workshop provides instruction on how to write essays and reports. Topics covered are: planning for an essay or report, organising research, formatting and structure, paragraphing, and citations and referencing.

Academic Vocabulary: This workshop focuses on learning general vocabulary needed in the academic environment, as well as provides tips for learning and remembering new vocabulary you come across in your course of study.

Listening skills: This workshop provides tips on how to improve your listening skills in academic lectures and class discussions, including advice about notetaking and listening for the main idea and details, along with practice listening to short lectures.

Academic Style: This workshop clarifies the style conventions and type of language used in academic texts and lectures with the goal of helping you improve your reading and writing skills.

Pronunciation: Along with general tips for improving your pronunciation on your own, this workshop includes specific practice related to common pronunciation errors.

Grammar Review: Using real academic texts, this workshop gives an overview of common grammatical features seen in academic writing, and provides instruction on how to avoid grammatical errors often seen in student work.

Discussion Skills: This workshop focuses on helping you improve your general academic discussion skills by providing common phrases used in discussions, listening tips, and practice participating in academic discussions.

***Applications will open in October.***

We recommend our individual (one-to-one) tutorials to students who:

  • would like a one-off consultation with a tutor 
  • are working on a particular assignment, project or presentation 
  • have identified a particular area which needs improvement (e.g. pronunciation or use of grammar)  
Individual tutorials last for one hour at a time. Each international student will be allowed to attend three tutorials per term, not exceeding more than one tutorial per week. Occasionally students may be able to benefit from additional hours depending on their needs and general demand.

Please note that we do not offer a proofreading service, conversation classes or provide help with CVs and personal statements.  If you would like feedback on the content, style and format of CVs and personal statements, please go to the Careers & Placements Centre (more info at www.aston.ac.uk/careers). 

Places are offered on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability.

For further details on these individual or small group tutorials, please contact the tutorial administrator Jennie Barker on j.e.barker1@aston.ac.uk

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