Hailan Cheng

Hailan Cheng

Course: 8-week Pre-sessional English Language Programme 

I chose to study in the United Kingdom because UK education has a unique reputation and its universities are renowned for their high academic standards. I wanted to come to Aston University in particular because I was attracted to the modules on the MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences programme. The focus is on practical application, which will help me to work in the industry in future.

I attended the 8-week Pre-sessional English Programme at Aston University. It is mainly focused on developing academic writing skills and presentation skills, which have been really helpful skills for writing essays and delivering presentations during my masters. My confidence and communication skills have imporved over the 8 week programme. It has also improved my pronunciation in terms of grasping the rhythm of the language and speaking more naturally.  

I am really grateful to the CELCA tutors and lecturers. They are all very nice and I have built some wonderful memories with them.

Aston University is in Birmingham city center and transportation is very convenient here.

After my masters course, I will work in the pharmaceutical industry. Everything I have learned and the contacts I have formed at Aston will help me to become well established in my career.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research