Jenny Price

Routes into Languages Project Manager (maternity cover)

Jenny Price

I am a native German and English speaker, raised bilingually, with experience in the field of intercultural work and exchanges. I studied French & German to Masters level at the University of Manchester and my research was focused on identity politics in contemporary literature. Since graduating I have worked with two non-profit organisations on educational and training programmes in the UK and Germany, with the aim to promote mobility within Europe and intercultural relations. Continuing with this theme, I am now looking forward to working on the Routes into Languages project to promote languages and international mobility at Aston and throughout the West Midlands.

Alongside my work on Routes into Languages, I assist Dr Sue Garton with the administration for the Tempus Project. This EU-funded project focuses on improving the learning and teaching of European languages in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, with the aim of developing a blended master's programme for current and prospective teachers of English, French and German. As Aston is the lead university for this project, I maintain financial records and liaise with partners across Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, assisting with their visa applications, travel bookings and schedules

I am Project Manager for the Routes into Languages West Midlands consortium and work with colleagues at Aston and also the Universities of Birmingham, Coventry, Keele, Warwick and Wolverhampton to co-ordinate a range of activities and projects aimed at increasing and widening participation in language learning which has suffered a drop since languages became non-compulsory in 2004.


Room: MB741
Phone: 0121 204 3872 

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