Virginia Soriano Chico

Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator

Admissions and Enrolment co-ordinator for MA (on-campus) and MSc (distance learning) programmes.

Admin support for the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Programmes including:

  • Postgraduate Programmes (MA and MSc) enquiries.
  • Postgraduate Admissions (on-campus and distance learning programmes).
  • Postgraduate induction and enrolment.
  • Administration support for the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Programmes.

Course administrator for the following courses:

  • All MA programmes (on-campus)
  • MSc in TESOL/ TESP/ TEYL/ EMT; MSc in Applied Linguistics and MSc in Forensic Linguistics (distance learning)
  • Certificate in Advanced Studies in ELT (distance-learning)
  • Postgraduate student records
Room: MB 777
Phone: 0121 204 3762
Fax: 0121 204 3766

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