Lost cards and personal property

You will need to replace a lost or stolen card as soon as you can, because your uniCARD enables you to gain access to the Library whenever the Library is open. 

Lost or stolen uniCARDs

  • Please ask staff at the Reception desk in the Library and/or at Security in the Main Building in case it has been handed in.
  • Complete this online form to inform the University of a lost or stolen uniCARD.
  • Please also inform staff at the Help desk on the ground floor of the Library immediately so that we can prevent anyone else using the card to borrow books whilst you look for it.  (Don't forget to let the Library know if you find your card so that we can re-activate borrowing rights.)
  • To get in to the Library, you can request a day pass at the Library Reception desk between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday.  You can obtain a day pass up to 3 times, so you must get a new card if you do not find it. 
  • New cards can be obtained from the IT Help desk Main Building, East G16 at a cost of £10.00. (If your card has been stolen and you have a crime reference number from the police, then there is no charge.) 

Forgotten to bring your uniCARD?

You can request a day pass at the Library Reception desk in order to get in to the Library building. 

  • Passes are available between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday.
  • You will only be allowed entry on 3 occasions without your card in any one academic year.

Day passes cannot be issued to you after 17:00 weekdays or during the weekends because all students are required to have their uniCARDS on them in University buildings out of hours.  In addition, anyone with a day pass must leave the Library at 21:00 during 24 hour or late night opening.

Lost property

  • Please ask staff at the Reception desk in case it has been handed in.
  • If staff in the Library cannot help you, then please contact Security in the Main Building.
  • Please note that after 4 weeks unclaimed, large, non-valuable items will be donated to charity.

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