Why is Copyright important?

The rights of copyright holders are protected in the UK by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which came into force in August 1989. Who owns copyright and the length of the copyright period is variable. If you need to know this information we suggest that you consult one of the books on copyright available in LIS and given below. It is worth bearing in mind that even when a book is published abroad we still have to abide by UK law.

Copyright is important because it protects the interests of

  • Those who create and
  • Those who invest in creativity.

If there were no copyright, it would be impossible for creative people to make a living from their creativity.

No one would be willing to come up with the money to make a film, to publish a book, or to bring out a record – because there would be no way of earning a return on that investment.

For an interactive copyright tutorial please follow this link: Edu-serv copyright toolkit

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