Short Loan Collection - 1 day loans

The Library

What’s in the Short Loan Collection?

1 day loan material in high demand is kept in the Short Loan Collection (SLC). This includes textbooks from your reading lists and a few DVDs.

Using the collection

In the Short Loan area you can browse through the book collection and photocopy material you need for your studies. Any photocopies that you make must come within the provision of the Copyright Act. Details can be found above the photocopiers in the Library.

Borrowing from the Short Loan Collection

Some books and DVDs in the collection can be borrowed for up to one day and have to be returned at 1:00pm the following day. 
Please note: books borrowed on a Friday do not have to be returned until 1.00pm the following Monday.


Because 1 day loan items are in such heavy demand and used by so many people, you will have to pay heavy fines if you return them late. Fines are charged at a rate of 50p per hour (or part of an hour).

Restricted access items

You will have to ask at the Help desk if you want to consult journal articles and lecturers' copies of textbooks from the Short Loan Collection.

Booking Short Loan copies

If the Short Loan copy of the book you would like to use is not available, please check Library SmartSearch to see whether a 7 day, long loan or reference copy is available at the appropriate classmark.  If none of these copies are available, you can ask a member of staff at the Help desk to place a booking on the Short Loan copy.  

Please ensure that any Library material is issued to you before going into or out of the Short Loan area.

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