Facilities and services

Aston University Library

As a visitor to Aston University Library Services, you are welcome to make use of any of the following:

Library SmartSearch to locate books and journals.

• The Library’s collection of books, journals and newspapers for reference only.  You will have limited borrowing rights if you are a SCONUL Access member or qualifiy for membership through one of the other local arrangements. You may also pay to become a member of the Library. 

• The Library’s self-service photocopying facilities. £2 or £10 photocopy cards can be purchased from the Help desk.

• The Library’s study facilities.

• Assistance from staff at the Help desk, whilst it is open.  You are welcome to make an appointment with our Information Specialists in advance if you think you will need extra help.

• Computers, laptops, video and DVD viewing equipment are not available to visitors.

Wireless network
If you would like to use your laptop to access the Internet in the Library, you will need to obtain a guest login from the Help desk. .

Please note: When using Library & Information Services, visitors must abide by the Library Regulations.  Any person trying to make use of Library facilities to which they are not entitled, or anyone attempting to remove materials illicitly from the Library, will be deemed to be in breach of the Library Regulations and subject to appropriate sanctions.

Library Regulations - main things to remember.

If you have any queries please email library@aston.ac.uk.


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research