Library book supply times

To work effectively and obtain best value for money Library  Services (LS) buys books from specialised library suppliers.

Library Book Suppliers

LS is a member of a national purchasing scheme which renegotiates deals with book suppliers, in line with EU legislation, every 3 to 5 years. Book suppliers are intermediaries between libraries and publishers and their buying power on behalf of a large number of libraries enables them to secure significant discount from publishers.  The discount LS receives for print books from our nominated supplier is 21%.

Library suppliers also do some of the processing of books ready for the library shelf.

Alternative suppliers and online vendors are used occasionally when a book is unavailable through normal routes e.g. out of print.

Supply Times

LS is constantly working at reducing supply times. On average it takes 3-4 weeks from ordering for print books to be available on the shelf. There is variation according to LS workload, publisher and availability of each book (e.g. is it being reprinted?). Books requested in advance of publication are only ordered in the month in which they are published to avoid committing money too early.

If there is a genuine need books can be obtained in a week or even a couple of days using suppliers’ urgent order facilities. However this is expensive in staff time, and sometimes additional charges are applied.

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