Reading lists

Each Blackboard module now has a Readings menu item which enables academic and library staff to manage reading lists in a consistent way and students to access them easily.  Library or school support staff will upload a printable copy of your reading list and a link to the list on the Library catalogue to your Blackboard module.

To help us please send your reading list to lis_readinglists@aston.ac.uk, as soon as you have it available. You can also have scanned extracts from books or journals added to your Blackboard module, along with links to the e-journal collection. For more information about these services, or if you would like any help in finding books for your module, please contact your Information Specialist.

Throughout the year, please remember to let your Information Specialist know whenever you make changes to your reading list.  For example, whenever you:

  • Set your reading for a new course or module
  • Refer to additional readings in lectures so that these materials can be purchased if necessary
  • Need us to purchase new editions of key texts
  • Need extra copies of books on your current reading lists
  • Need to change books to Short Loan



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