Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE)

Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE) is Aston University's Open Access institutional repository - it makes Aston's research output freely and easily available to everyone, benefiting both our researchers and readers worldwide. 

  • Publications stored on Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE) can be found by search engines, increasing visibility and making it even easier for people to find our publications. 
  • Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE) doesn’t replace traditional publishing and it doesn’t bypass the peer review processes. 
  • Anyone can access Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE), though some publications may be subject to restrictions if the content is judged to be commercially sensitive.
  • Follow these instructions on how to self-archive/deposit your publications using PURE.  For advice on depositing in Aston Research Explorer (powered by PURE) contact openaccess@aston.ac.uk; for general advice on PURE contact the Research Support Office
  • For off-campus access to PURE please use VPN client software.  For more information and a request for the VPN client visit the IT page here.

Aston Research Explorer - to search for our publications, activities, projects, etc.

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