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James Duggan

 James Duggan, MPharm Pharmacy, second year student

I like how the pharmacy course here at Aston covers a wide range of areas and topics, and isn't just one same thing all of the time. For example, pharmacy covers Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Law, and Pharmacology etc.

I have been on a total of three placements during my time at Aston, two of which were organised by the University to go to a Boots Community Pharmacy, and the other one was at an independent community pharmacy that I had organised near to where I live. Aston University organised the Boots placement, and I was allocated to go to the Boots at The Fort Shopping Centre. I really enjoyed working in the same pharmacy environment and setting that I would be doing so in the future. It helped me a lot with my studies as it allowed me to see for myself what went on behind the counter in a community pharmacy, and I could relate back to my placement while I learnt.

I will always have many good memories from some great times at Aston, and it would be hard to pick one in particular. Although I will never forget moving into the University Halls of Accommodation on the first day in my first year and meeting my flatmates, who I have shared lots of hilarious experiences with and developed strong friendships with that will last a lifetime.

I would definitely recommend Aston University to other prospective students. It is a fun place to be with many things always going on around you. Both staff and students here, are very helpful and friendly, and you will settle in very quickly.

I plan to graduate from Aston University and work as a community pharmacist for a couple of years, before eventually switching to Hospital Pharmacy, as this seems more interactive and diverse. 

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