Biomedical Science student and graduate profiles

Jeannine Freeman, BSc Biomedical Science

Jeannine Freeman, BSc Biomedical Science, 1st year 

One of the best points about Aston so far would be meeting new people from different countries and backgrounds. Everybody at Aston is very friendly, which helps new students settle in and feel more comfortable.

I chose to study Biomedical Science at Aston University as the degree programme they offer is fully accredited by The Institute of Biomedical Science, meaning I can apply for registration upon completing my degree and placement year. Aston also puts a lot of emphasis on its placement opportunities, meaning students can get a taste for working in industry whilst gaining valuable experience that helps them stand out to potential employers. This really helps Aston stand out from a lot of the other universities.

The Biomedical Science programme at Aston covers so many different modules, from immunology to genetics. This helps students chose which particular field they wish to specialise in when they graduate. Graduates from the Biomedical Science programme have so many different options available for them in terms of career options. The programme also provides a balance of theory work alongside laboratory based experiments, which keeps things interesting and allows students to apply and practice the methods and techniques required in the field.

Upon completing my degree, I wish to work as a Biomedical Scientist for the NHS, eventually specialising in either medical microbiology or clinical chemistry.  I hopefully wish to secure a place on The Scientist Training Programme, which provides paid work-based training for science graduates, eventually leading to a master’s degree in one of nine potential fields. There are so many different specialist subjects available for people who have an interest in science, all of which can lead to an innovative and challenging career.  

Student profi

Sarah Sherrington  MSc Biomedical Science, 2012-2013

Sarah Sherrington, MSc Biomedical Science, 2012-2013

I really enjoyed carrying out my final lab based project and I would recommend Aston University to others, especially the biology courses as I feel they offer a wide range of modules with relevance to current scientific research.

I believe my master’s degree and lab experience gained during my final project helped to secure the job placement I am currently undertaking and will help me secure further employment. I am currently carrying out a 10 month paid work placement as a technical assistant within the biosciences team at Aston University. The Biosciences technical team is responsible for preparing and setting up all practical classes carried out by students, as well as demonstrating and supporting learning within the classes.

While deciding what to do after my MSc course several academic members of staff offered helpful advice and provided references for me while looking for a job/ further study. I also found the Aston Futures website useful while looking for jobs.

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