Biology/Biosciences Staff

Dr Shakil Ahmad Senior Research Fellow (AMS)
Prof Asif Ahmed Professor of Vascular Biology and PVC (AMS)
Dr Michael Aspinall
Prof Clifford J Bailey Professor of Clinical Science  3898
Dr Zita Balklava Lecturer  3967
Prof Roslyn Bill Professor (Molecular Biosciences)  4274
Ms Lynda Birt    4047
Miss Charlotte Bland    3964
Dr Dominick Burton
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Russell Collighan Lecturer  3929
Dr Andrew Devitt Reader (Cell Biology)  4165
Dr Irundika Dias Research Fellow  3947
Mr Wayne Fleary    4043
Dr Joanne Gough    3919
Prof Martin Griffin Professor in Biochemistry
Prof Helen R Griffiths Pro-Vice-Chancellor, International Relations and Professor in Biomedical Science  3950
Dr Stephane Gross Lecturer  3467
Dr Peter J Hanson Senior Lecturer  3952
Richard Harrison
Research Associate
Prof Chris Hewitt Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean (LHS), Professor of Biological Engineering  4949
Prof Anthony C Hilton Professor (Microbiology)  3960
Dr Anna V Hine Senior Lecturer  3961
Dr  Darius Kavaliauskas Marie Curie Researcher  4191
Prof Peter A Lambert Professor of Microbiology  3976
Jessica Lawler
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Lindsay J Marshall Lecturer (Immunology)  4017
Mr Roy McKenzie    3989
Prof Alvin Nienow
Honorary Professor
Dr Chathyan Pararasa Research Fellow  
Dr Qasim Rafiq
Lecturer  4895
Dr Ana Reis Pereira Research Fellow (Marie Curie)  4005
Ms Roberta Liccardo
Dr Alice Rothnie Biology  4013
Dr Sarah Routledge Research Fellow  
Dr Steven Russell Biology  4005
Debasmita Sarkar Research Fellow  
Dr Corinne Spickett Reader  4085
Mr Grzegorz Suldecki
Dr Elizabeth A Torr Research Fellow  3964
Mrs Rita Torrao Early Career Researcher (Marie Curie)  
Ms Kathryn Townsend    tbc
Ms Sue L Turner    4025
Dr Ann B Vernallis Lecturer (Cell Biology)  4026
Dr Zhuo (Vivian) Wang Research Fellow (Marie Curie)  4191
Mr Steve M Wells    3959
Dr Rachel Willetts
Research Fellow
Dr Tony Worthington Senior Lecturer (Microbiology)  3951

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