Key roles in the School

 Executive Dean 

Prof Chris Hewitt (4949)

 Deputy Dean  

Prof James Wolffsohn (4140)

 Associate Dean International Development  

Dr Fiona Lacey (3974)       

 Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching  

Dr Carl Senior (4068)   

 Associate Dean of Research & Enterprise 

Prof Andrew Pitt (3005)     

 Associate Dean of Taught Programme Development &  Recruitment  

Associate Dean of Taught Programmes

Dr Liz Moores    (4070)

Prof Chris Langley (3979)    

Head of External Relations

Dr Julia Brown  (3908)                      

LHS Finance Partner

Natalie Taylor (4477)                 

Head of Administration & Quality Assurance

Mr Trevor Knight 3968)                       

School Technical Manager

Mr Mike Robinson  (3091)        

Director of ARCHA

Dr Carol Holland (4063                    

Director of the Aston Brain Centre

Prof Paul Furlong   (4058)

Head of Biological and Biomedical Science 

Prof Anthony Hilton (3960)            

Head of Optometry

Dr Frank Eperjesi    (4114)             

Head of Pharmacy

Prof Yvonne Perrie   (3991)              

Head of Psychology

Prof Joel Talcott   (4083)    


Basic & Applied Neurosciences Research Group

Prof Brian Roberts (3887)

Cell & Tissue  Biomedical Research Group 

Prof Andrew Devitt (4165)

Molecular Biomedical Research Group

Prof Roslyn Bill (4274)
Ophthalmic Research Group   Dr Leon Davies (4152)

Associate Director – PGR Student Training and Postgraduate Tutor

Prof Tim Meese (4130) 



Programme Director

Admissions Tutor


Amanda Casey (4180)

Mr Wahid Zaman  (4093)    


Dr Ann Vernallis (4026)       EASB Programme , Dr Stephane Gross

Dr Tony Worthington (3951)


Dr Olivia Hunt (4143) and Dr Shehzad Naroo  (4132)

Dr Mark Dunne  (4113)     


Dr Joe Bush (4016)

Dr Raj Badhan (3288), Mrs Anna Durkin (4037)       


Dr Richard Cooke 4072, Dr Liz Moores (JH Programme Director.         

Dr Nathan Ridout  (4162)   


Year Tutors

Audiology BSc Healthcare -Scott Richards, (first-year). Hearing Aid Foundation Degree, Wahid Zaman & Scott Richards (first- and second-year). BSc Audiology, Emma WIlson (placement-year), Dr Rob Morse (final-year). News BSc course Scott Richards (first-year)  
Biology/Biomed Dr Russell Collighan (first-year), Dr Andrew Devitt (second-year), Dr Ann Vernallis (final-year)  
Optometry Dr Richard Armstrong (first-year), Dr Doing Gherghel (second-year), Dr Olivia Hunt (third-year)   
Pharmacy Dr Rhein Parri (first-year), Dr Joe Bush (second-year), Dr Fiona Lacey (third-year), Prof David Poyner (final-year)  
Psychology Dr Dan Shepperd (first-year), Dr Claire Farrow (second-year), Dr Caroline Witton (final-year)   


Admissions Team Leader Claire Hoban  4161
Finance & Business Team Leader Jane Greenway  4123
Postgraduate Team Leader Gillian Cook  4060
Research Team Leader Gill Pilfold  3880
Undergraduate Team Leader Sarah Jones  3994


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research