Key roles in the School

Executive Dean
Prof Chris Hewitt (4096/3804)

Deputy Dean

Prof Anthony Hilton (3960)

Associate Dean of Research 

Prof Roslyn Bill (4274)

Associate Dean of Enterprise & Impact

Dr Anna V Hine (3961)

Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching

Dr Liz Moores    (4070)

Associate Dean, International

Bhavisha Patel (4516)

Marketing Manager (LHS & AMS)

Jodie Mansell (3074)                 

LHS Finance Partner

Natalie Taylor (4477)                 

Head of Administration & Quality Assurance

Mr Trevor Knight (3968)                       

School Technical Manager

Mr Mike Robinson  (3091)        

Director of the Aston Brain Centre

Prof Amanda Wood

Head of Audiology 

Mrs Amanda Casey
Head of Biosciences

Prof Andrew Devitt (4165)

Head of Biomedical Engineering

Prof James Wolffsohn (4140)            

Head of Optometry 

Prof Leon Davies (4152)             

Head of Pharmacy

Prof Chris Langley (3979)              

Head of Psychology

Prof Helen Pattison  (4073)    


Applied Health Research Group

Dr Claire Farrow  (5384)

Basic & Applied Neurosciences Research Group

Prof Brian Roberts (3887)

Cell & Tissue  Biomedical Research Group

Prof Andrew Devitt (4165)

Molecular Biomedical Research Group

Prof David Poyner (3997)
Ophthalmic Research Group Dr Nicola Logan (4128)

Associate Director – PGR Student Training and Postgraduate Tutor

Prof Tim Meese (4130) 



Admissions Tutors (AT)  Programme Directors (PD) Programme Administrator (PAd)


Mr Wahid Zaman    AT.
Mrs Amanda Casey PD
Mrs Emma Wilson PD for Foundation Programme
Mrs Rosemary Monk PD for BSc Healthcare Science 
Mrs Janet Carter PAd (4115)

Biology/Biomedical Sciences

Dr Tony Worthington  AT.
Dr Ann Vernallis PD.
Mrs Sam Jordan PAd (3133)


Dr Hannah Bartlett     AT.
Dr Amy Sheppard  PD.
Mrs Janet Carter PAd (4115) 


Dr Raj Badhan  AT.
Dr Joe Bush PD.
Mimi Gadhia PAd (3982)


Dr Nathan Ridout     AT.
Dr Dan Shepperd PD.
Mrs Lisa Payne PAd (4079)


Academic Services Manager   Gillian Cook  
Programmes Support Manager  Jackie Bosworth
Examinations & Assessment Manager  Sarah Jones
Finance & Business Team Leader  Jane Greenway
Research Team Leader  Gill Pilfold
Timetabling & Records Officer  Jay Deva