Professor James Wolffsohn

James Wolffsohn


School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University
Birmingham B4 7ET
email: j.s.w.wolffsohn@aston.ac.uk
telephone: +44 (0) 121 204 4140
fax: +44 (0) 121 204 4048

Research Group

Ophthalmic Research Group (ORG)

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA)   

Centre for Vision and Hearing Research (CVHR)


Member of the Undergraduate Optometry Programme

 Career History

  • 1993 Honours degree in Optometry (first class), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)

  • 1994 Membership, College of Optometrists (CoO)

  • 1994 General Optical Council (GOC) registration
  • 1997 PhD (Cardiff University)
  • 1998 Fellowship, American Academy of Optometry
  • 1999 Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Optometry (Melbourne University)
  • 2001 Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Aston University)
  • 2001 Fellowship, Higher Education Academy
  • 2002 Fellowship, International Association of Contact Lens Educators
  • 2006 Fellowship, British Contact Lens Association
  • 2000 Aston University: Lecturer
  • 2002 Aston University: Senior Lecturer
  • 2006 Aston University: Reader
  • 2007 Aston University: Personal Chair in Optometry
  • 2009 Masters in Business Administration (Aston University)
  • 2010 Membership of Beta Gamma Sigma
  • 2011 Graduate of Common Purpose
  • 2011 Fellowship of Society of Biology
  • 2011 Diplomate of American Academy of Optometry (Cornea, Contact Lens and Refractive Technologies Section)
  • 2012 Fellowship of the College of Optometrists
  • 2013 Principal Fellowship of Higher Education Academy

 Teaching responsibilities

  Second Year Undergraduate

  • Contact Lenses (Module Leader)

Third Year Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma in Optometry

  • Elective Studies (Supervisor) 

Masters in Optometry

  • Ocular Prescribing (Module Leader)

Ophthalmic Doctorate

  • Advanced Contact Lenses (Module Leader)

MSc Clinical Health Management

  • Leadership (Module Leader)

Professional & Academic Experience in Research

Publications and Grants:

Over 145 research papers, 16 book Chapters and two books principally in the areas of contact lenses, intraocular lenses, accommodation and low vision. Over 220 Abstracts published at Conferences in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Over £3.6 million in research grants from grant awarding bodies and industry such as: Advanced Medical Optics, Advantage West Midlands, Alcon, BAE Systems, Bausch and Lomb, Birmingham Optical Group, CIBA Vision,  College of Optometrists, CooperVision, DERA, EPSRC, Hoya Corporation, Innovate UK, Johnson and Johnson, Lenstec, Oculentis, Ophtec, PhysIOL, Royal National Institute of the Blind, Topcon.

International and National Standing

British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) President (2005-6), Council (2001-7), Fellowship Consultant (2007-), Academic Chair (2014-)

Royal Society, BA Festival of Science and Big Bang Exhibits (2008, 2011,2012).

British University Committee of Optometry (2004 onwards).

Aston Optometry Lead (2005-2009).

Deputy Dean of Life and Health Sciences (2010 onwards)

International Association of Contact Lens Educators - Leadership status (2002 onwards).

British Universities Committee of Contact Lens Educators (2000 onwards) - president (2003).

Editorial Board Member for Contact Lenses and Anterior Eye (2003 onwards), Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics (2007-2010), Clinical and Experimental Optometry (2007 onwards) and Journal of Optometry (2008 onwards). 

Reviewer for all the major clinical vision research journals.

Assessor for projects submitted to UK (SPARC, NHMRC), Canadian (NSERC), Australian (ARC) and Netherlands (ZonMw) funding bodies along with organisations such as Thresher Research Fund, Stroke Association and Macular Disease Society.

Research collaboration with laboratories in USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Invited speaker at 37 international conferences. BCLA Dallos Award External Appointments

External Appointments

External examiner for 18 theses awarded by Universities of Aston, Bradford, Cardiff, Glasgow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Queensland University of Technology, Manchester, Melbourne and Sydney. External examiner Dublin Institute of Technology (2005-8) and University of Ulster (2006-9). External Advisor to the King Saud University, Saudi Arabia (2011-12).  Fellowship consultant to BCLA (2007 onwards).

Current and Prospective Research Areas

(see also http://www1.aston.ac.uk/lhs/research/groups/opo/)

  • Intraocular lenses. External collaboration: Prof Sunil Shah [Birmingham Midland Eye Centre, Midland Eye], Mr Sai Kolli [Queen Elizabeth Hospital Trust], Dr Graeme Young, Dr Lee Hall [Visioncare Research]; Postdoc: Dr Emma Berrow, Debbie Laughton; PhD students: Maana Aujla
  • Contact lenses and tear film. External collaboration: Prof Brian Tighe and Biomaterials Team [SEAS, Aston University], Prof Martin Rubinstein [Leicester Royal Infirmary], European Dry Eye Network (EDEN)
  • Contact lenses and orthokeratology.  External collaboration: Prof Pauline Cho [Hong Kong Polytechnic University]

  • Ocular Allergy and Dry Eye. External collaboration: Prof Roy Kennedy, Dr Louise Robertson [University of Worcester]; Post doc: Paramdeep Bilkhu

  • Development of new Optical Instrumentation. External collaboration: Colin Richards [Optimec], Dr Graeme Young, Dr Lee Hall [Visioncare Research]; Dr Toshifuma Mihashi [Tokyo institute of Technology, Japan]; Postdoc: Dr Ben Coldrick, Dr Alec Kingsnorth.

Publications since 2008

Presentations by co-authors who were undergraduate students at the time of the research are indicated with *, graduate students with † and postdoctoral students with ^. 

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