Professor Stefano Seri MD, FRCP


Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology
and Developmental Neuropsychiatry

School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University

Birmingham B4 7ET

email: s.seri@aston.ac.uk
telephone: +44 (0) 121 204 4103

Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Medical Director, Aston Brain Centre

Director of the Aston MRI Research Centre

Research Group

Basic and Applied Neurosciences

Research Centre

Aston Brain Centre

Aston Research centre in CHildren and Young people's health(ARCHY)

     Professional Association 

  • Elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London)
  • General Medical Council UK, Specialist Register in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Ordine dei Medici di Roma e Provincia, Italy
  • Specialist Register in Developmental Neurology and Psychiatry, Italy

      Brief career history

  • 1975-81 University "La Sapienza", Medical School, Rome, Italy.
  • 1981-85 Specialist Registrar in Paediatric Neurology and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • 1985-88 Fondazione Clinica del Lavoro Research Fellow. University "La Sapienza", Rome.
  • 1988-98 Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Neurology and Psychiatry, University "La Sapienza".
  • 1998- Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology "The Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust" and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Institute of Child Health, University of Birmingham Medical School
  • 2001-2004 Professor of Developmental Neuropsychiatry, University "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy
  • 2004- Prof. of Clinical Neurophysiology and Developmental Neuropsychiatry, School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University
  • 2005-2008 Convener Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group
  • 2005- Director MRI Research Centre, Aston University
  • 2011-Medical Director, Aston Brain Centre
  • 2014- Member of the medical advisor committee, Epilepsy Action

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • 1985-1988 Dr. Francesco Pisani (University La Sapienza, Italy)
  • 2005-2009 Dr. Jade N. Thai (Aston University)
  • 2012-        Dr. Elaine Foley (Aston University)
  • 2015-       Dr. Lucia Quitadamo Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellow, Aston University, EU Horizon 2020 programme funded    

      Post-Graduate Student Supervision

  • 2001-2004  Dr. M.C. Porfirio, MD (University "Tor Vergata", Rome)
  • 2001-2004  Dr. M. Lucia Montanaro, MD (University "Tor Vergata", Rome)
  • 2008-2011  Dr. Daniela Brazzo, MD (Aston University)
  • 2012-         Ms. Parnpreet Virk (Aston University)
  • 2013-         Mr. Michael Hall
  • 2014-        Miss Jane Pennifold, Miss Darshna Shah (Aston University)


Grant awarded since at Aston University 

1.Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research.‘Functional imaging programme grant for humane research’ Prof P.L.Furlong, Prof S. Seri, Dr J.B. Talcott, Dr NJ Thai.  (2010–2015)£250,000

2.BCH Research Foundation Grant 152. Non-invasive mapping of epileptogenic cortex using MEG and EEG-triggered fMRI. Towards reducing morbidity in pre-surgical assessment of children with drug-resistant epilepsy. P.I. Professor Stefano Seri (2010-11) £48850

3.BCH Research Foundation Grant 280. Identification of seizure-related secondary neural damage with MRI morphometry in children with symptomatic focal epilepsies. P.I. Prof. Stefano Seri (2010-12), £ 49850

4.Wellcome Trust Equipment Grant Ref: 088314/Z/09/Z. Development of a paediatric MEG system co P.I. Prof S Seri,  Finished 1.12.2012,  £1,000,000  

5.Waterloo Foundation. “Abnormal Neuronal Networks as early Magnetoencephalographic Biomarker of Language Impairment in Benign Epilepsy with Centro-Temporal Spikes”. PI Prof. Stefano Seri. 2012, £38674

6. BCHRF349  A translational study of neural mechanisms of drug resistance in paediatric epilepsy. PI Stefano Seri (2013-2016), £45726.21.

7.Epilepsy Research UK. Identifying developmentally-appropriate non-invasive functional imaging paradigms to predict cognitive outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery. PI Prof. Stefano Seri, 2015, £21666

      Selected publications

  • 1.Spagnoli C, Seri S, Pavlidis E, Mazzotta S, Pelosi A, Pisani F. Phenobarbital for Neonatal Seizures: Response Rate and Predictors of Refractoriness. Neuropediatrics. 2016.
  • 2.Rajabally YA, Seri S, Cavanna AE. Neuropsychiatric Manifestations in Inflammatory Neuropathies: A Systematic Review. Muscle Nerve. 2016.
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