Professor Yvonne Perrie

Professor Yvonne Perrie
Professor Yvonne Perrie
Yvonne Perrie's research team
Our research team

Professor in Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery

Head of Pharmacy 

School of Life & Health Sciences
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham B4 7ET

email: y.perrie@aston.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 121 204 3991
Member of the Pharmacy and Biology Teaching Programmes

Research Theme

Chronic and Communicable Conditions

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) 

Aston Research centre in CHildren and Young people's health(ARCHY)

Teaching Activity on the MPharm Programme

Pharmaceutics and drug delivery
Module co-ordinator for PH4701

Career History

2007 - date

Professor in Drug Delivery
Aston University

2005 - 07

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Aston University

2000 - 05

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Aston University

1999 - 00

Pharmaceutical Scientist/Industrial Lecturer (joint position),
Lipoxen Ltd.
, The School of Pharmacy, University of London.

1998 - 99

Research Fellow, The School of Pharmacy,
University of London

1995 - 98

PhD, The School of Pharmacy, University of London
(Supervisor, Prof. G. Gregoriadis)

1994 - 95

Pre-registration Pharmacist training, R.W. McConnell & Son, Scotland.

1990 - 94

BSc Hons, Pharmacy (1st Class), University of Strathclyde

Research Interests

  • Formulation Engineering of Vaccines (including conventional and DNA vaccines)
  • Enhancing solubility and delivery of bioactive molecules using colloid science and technology.
  • Delivery of drugs, vaccines and gene therapies using liposomes, niosomes and other novel particulate systems
  • Design, physicochemical characterisation and development of non-viral systems for gene delivery
  • Tissue Engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Enhancing learning methods in Pharmacy Education

Membership of Professional Bodies

Research Support

My research group gratefully acknowledges the support of: EPSRC, EU 6th Framework programme, Lipoxen Technologies Ltd, Pfizer Global Research, Astisen Ltd, Wellcome, and The Royal Society.

Recent Publications 


  1. Nooshin Daneshpour, Russell Collighan*, Yvonne Perrie, Peter Lambert, Dan Rathbone, Deborah Lowry and Martin Griffin* (2012). Indwelling catheters and medical implants with FXIIIa inhibitors: a novel approach to the treatment of catheter and medical device-related infections, Eur J Pharm Biopharm. Accepted.
  2. Randip Kaur, Vincent Bramwell, Daniel J Kirby, Yvonne Perrie* (2012). Blocking the depot-formation of cationic liposomal adjuvants at the injection site, by reducing their size and pegylating their surface, promotes rapid antibody production but reduced Th1 responses. J Control Release. Accepted. 
  3. M.Habib Ali, Daniel J. Kirby, Afzal R Mohammed, Yvonne Perrie* (2012). The role of lipid geometry in designing liposomes for the solubilisation of poorly water soluble drugs. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Available online. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpharm.2012.06.056
  4. Sheraz Khan, Hannah Batchelor, Peter Hanson, Yvonne Perrie, and Afzal R Mohammed(2012). Dissolution rate enhancement, in vitro evaluation and investigation of drug release kinetics of chloramphenicol and sulphamethoxazole solid dispersions. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. Accepted.
  5. Dennis Christensen, Malou Henriksen-Lacey, Arun T Kamath, Thomas Lindenstrøm, Karen S Korsholm, Jan P Christensen, Anne Rochat, Paul-Henri Lambert, Peter Andersen, Caire- Anne Siegrist, Yvonne Perrie and Else Marie Agger (2012). Vaccine adjuvants based on saturated quaternary ammonium lipids have different in vivo distribution kinetics and display distinct T cell-inducing capacity compared to their unsaturated analogues. J Control Release. J Control Release, 160 (3) 468-476.
  6. Anita Milicic, Randip Kaur, Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Choon-Kit Tang, Jared Honeycutt, Yvonne Perrie and Adrian V S Hill (2012). Small cationic DDA:TDB liposomes as protein vaccine adjuvant obviate the need for TLR agonists in inducing cellular and humoral responses. PLoS ONE. 7(3) e34255.
  7. Randip Kaur, Vincent Bramwell, Daniel J Kirby, Yvonne Perrie* (2012). Pegylation of DDA:TDB liposomal adjuvants reduces the vaccine depot effect and alters the Th1/Th2 immune responses J Control Release. 158(3) 72-77.
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Currently Yvonne and her group have published numerous abstracts with students currently averaging around 3 to 4 per year (see Appendix I).

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