Dr Eric J Hill

Dr Eric J Hill

Programme Director for MSc Stem cells and Regenerative medicine 

School of Life and Health sciences
Aston University
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET
Email: hillej@aston.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1212045040

Twitter: @3rdfloorlab

Research Theme

 Clinical and Systems Neuroscience

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) 

Career History

  • Present Lecturer
  • 2010-2014  Postdoctoral research Fellow, ARCHA, Aston University
  • 2007-2010 Postdoctoral research fellow, Aston University
  • 2005-2007 Postdoctoral research fellow, Aston University
  • 2001-2004 PhD Aston University
  • 2000 Assistant forensic scientist, Forensic Science Service, Birmingham
  • 1997-2001  BSc Hons Applied and Human biology (2:1), Aston University

Research Interests

My main research interests include the development of tissue engineering strategies to model stem cell behaviour in the development of neuronal networks and also during neurodegeneration.  I am currently engaged in developing stem cell derived models of the CNS in an attempt to study complex cellular interactions that occur in development and disease.

Current projects

BBSRC FLexible Interchange Programme.  Generation of a site directed gene integration platform for induced pluripotent stem cell lines.

Research Funding

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Humane research trust



Technology Strategy board

Antidote Europe 



  In vitro toxicology society poster prize winner

Society Memberships 

  British Neuroscience Association

  British Cell Culture Society

  Biochemical society

  Recent Publications

  • Hill EJ, Nagel DA, Parri HR, Coleman MD. Stem cell-derived astrocytes:  Are they physiologically credible? The Journal of Physiology 2015
  • Tarczyluk MA, Nagel DA, Parri HR, Tse EHY, Brown JEP, Coleman MD and Hill EJ. Aβ1-42 induces hypometabolism in human stem cell derived neuron and astrocyte networks’. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 2015.
  • Woehrling EK, Parri HR, Tse EH, Hill EJ, Maidment ID, Fox GC, Coleman MD. A predictive in vitro model of the impact of drugs with anticholinergic properties on human neuronal and astrocytic systems. PLoS One. 2015
  • Nagel, DA, Hill, EJ, O'Neil J and Coleman MD. The effects of the fungicides fenhexamid and myclobutanil on SH-SY5Y and U-251 MG human cell lines. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. 2014
  • Karan S Rana, Arif Muhammad, Eric J Hill, Sarah Aldred, David Nagel, Alan Nevill, Harpal Randeva, Clifford J Bailey, Srikanth Bellary and James E Brown.  Plasma irisin levels predict telomere length in healthy adults. Age 20
  • Woehrling EK, Hill EJ, Nagel D and Coleman MD, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor as an indicator of chemical neurotoxicity: an animal-free CNS cell culture model (2014), ATLA.

  • Tiina Pirttimaki, Neela Krushna Codadu, Alia Awni, Pandey Pratik, David Nagel, Eric J. Hill, Kelly T Dineley, H.Rheinallt Parri.  α7 nicotinic receptor-mediated astrocytic gliotransmitter release: Aβ effects in a preclinical Alzheimer's mouse model.  Accepted for publication PLoS One 2013

  • HK Dias; Ian L Chapple; Mike Milward; Melissa M Grant; Eric J Hill; James E. P. Brown; Helen Griffiths. Sulforaphane restores cellular glutathione level and reduces chronic periodontitis neutrophil hyperactivity in vitro, PLoS One 2013.

  • Marta A Tarczyluk, David A Nagel, John D O’Neil, H. Rheinallt Parri, Erin HY Tse, Michael D Coleman and Eric J Hill. Functional Astrocyte-Neuron Lactate shuttle in a human stem cell derived neuronal network’ Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism. 2013.

  • Hill EJ, Nagel DA, O’Neil JD, Torr E, Woehrling EK, Devitt A and Coleman MD.  Effects of Lithium and Valproic acid on gene expression and phenotypic markers in an NT2 neurosphere model of neural development. PLoS One 2013

  • Hill EJ, Jimenez-Gonzalez C, Tarczyluk MA, Nagel D and Coleman MD, Parri HR.  NT2 derived neuronal and astrocytic network signalling.  PLoS One 2012

  • Coleman M D, O’Neil J D, Woehrling E K, Ndunge OBA, Hill EJ, Menache A and Reiss CJ.    A preliminary investigation into the impact of a pesticide combination on human neuronal and astrocytic cellular systems in vitro.  PLoS One 2012.

  • Woehrling EK, Hill EJ, Torr E, Coleman MD. Single-cell ELISA and flow cytometry as methods for highlighting potential neuronal and astrocytic toxicant specificity.  Neurotoxicity Research 2010

  • Woehrling EK, Hill EJ, Coleman MD, Evaluation of the suitability of human neuronal and astrocytic cell systems for in vitro preliminary neurotoxicity screening, Neurotoxicity Research, 2009

  • Hill EJ, Vernallis AB, Polarized secretion of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor.  BMC Cell Biology, 2008.

  • Hill EJ, Woehrling EK, Prince M,and Coleman MD.  Differentiating human NT2/D1 neurospheres as a versatile in vitro 3D model system for developmental neurotoxicity testing.  Toxicology, 2008.

  • Woerhrling E.K, Hill EJ, Coleman M.D. Development of a neurotoxicity test system using human post mitotic astrocyte and neuronal cell lines in co-culture.  Toxicology in-Vitro, 2007.



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